Our Team

Chris Pedulla

Chris founded Responsive Consulting Inc based on his decade of experience consulting for a variety of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies. He brings all the knowledge, best practices, and refined methodologies from these companies to Responsive Consulting Inc. Chris’ passion is finding efficiencies and developing technology to solve problems that keeps his clients ahead of their competition. Chris and his team have a proven track record of delivering quality software to fit the needs of any client.

Allie Jones
Director of Operations

Allie is the Director of Operations for Responsive Consulting Inc and helps to ensure that projects are running smoothly and with the proper resources. She brings her expertise in technical recruitment which allows Responsive Consulting to scale up quickly as needed, attracting top talent in the field. She loves to be the liaison between the client and the technical team to build and maintain long-lasting relationships.

Mark Jacklin

Mark has been at Responsive Consulting Inc. since its inception, helping to grow our portfolio to where it is today. He loves learning new technologies and seeing a project evolve from an idea into a scalable, functioning solution. Mark is constantly thinking outside-the-box, and finding innovative solutions to technical problems.

Andrew Peart

Andrew’s goal is to establish trust with product stakeholders and creatively apply intelligence to deliver digital products that perform. With over 20 years of experience, he maintains broad expertise in modern Internet technologies and best practices. From user experience design to technical infrastructure, he is able to bridge the divide between business and technology, maintaining a strict eye for clarity, design, optimization, delivery, and budget. His core strengths include team leadership, product definition, user experience design, web application design & development, digital media design, web infrastructure solutions, technology strategy, and data center architecture, planning & consolidation.

Guy Parkinson

20+ years experience in development/production and management. Guy is a strong advocate of design thinking: design first, design-driven-development, and the importance of traditional architectural design principles in software development. His experience covers a broad range of Open Source and proprietary platforms, languages, and technologies. Guy excels in interpreting client business requirements in the context of technical implementation, communicating technical options to non-technical stakeholders, and providing cross-disciplinary analysis of requirements in the context of cost and capabilities.

Scott Rowell

Scott has over 5 years of software development experience and brings a wealth of technology knowledge to Responsive Consulting. Some of his favorite technologies include PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and Wordpress.

Cody House

His hunger for learning and asking “why?” made him stand out from his peers. Cody looks at the big picture, not just the task at hand. He likes to understand the business use for what he’s doing to ensure that he continuously delivers quality work that fits the needs of the client.

Nathan Krueger
Senior Developer

Nathan K. Nathan was the Development Manager at Team Leads for 3 years and is currently an Intermediate Developer at Responsive Consulting Inc. At Team Leads, he was responsible for helping to create the product roadmap and holding his team accountable to hit the timelines. Nathan took pride in continuously improving the Team Leads system, adding new features and efficiencies.